Parents and Friends Association

Executive of the Parents and Friends of STM

Parents of the school generally take on positions of the Executive team of the Parents and Friends Association.  These positions are held as a legal part of the constitution of Parents and Friends Association. These roles are designed to streamline the meeting, direct the flow of discussion and have an overall view of the activities of the Association. Our monthly meetings are always held on the 2nd Tuesday (unless school holidays clash).  Times are confirmed in the school newsletter prior to the meeting. It is important to have at each meeting all members of the executive, committee members and as many parents as possible. Without sufficient numbers decisions cannot be made and we are unable to achieve our Purpose and Objectives. The more who attend, the better the decision.

Purpose & Objectives Our goals are:

• To aid the school in providing the very best for our children

• To provide a medium for information and participation of parents and carers

• Develop a maximum co-operation between parents and staff.

We provide a platform for discussion on any issues that arise within the school community and provide an opportunity for parents to participate in the development of their child’s school and the community within.


In its current form, the Parents and Friends Association provide the following benefits to the school community:

Fundraising and Community Building

Fete – this is our major fundraiser that provides substantial resources to the school.  The allocation of these funds is discussed & decided at the P & F meetings.

Mothers Day/Fathers Day & Christmas Stalls – appropriate and inexpensive gifts are produced by the school community for the children to purchase as gifts. Very popular with the kids and great community building.

School BBQ – This is an important event in the school calendar. It provides an opportunity for parents to reconnect after the holidays and gives new families a chance to experience the social side of the STM community and build friendships. It is a favourite with the children, who love the opportunity to connect with friends en masse after school.

School Business Register – a great opportunity for networking within the school community.


  • Management of correspondence and bills

  • Troubleshooting issues such as overcrowding on school buses

  • Issuing of sports sponsorship funds to individuals

  • Liaising with RCC as a community group on school projects

  • Supporting the Pastoral care program within the school community

  • Sending messages of congratulations/commiserations/sympathy from the school community

  • Think tanking ideas for the future of the school

  • We constantly acknowledge the support of all parents who “do their bit” for the fundraising and community building events of the school without recognition. Everything that is achieved within the P & F is thanks to the benevolent work of the community.

Expectations of Members:

Most of all we need more people attending the meetings. Whilst it is acknowledged that we all lead busy lives and we all donate time to the school in different ways, the P&F Association is a vital part on the overall running of the school. We need the thoughts and ideas of a larger community, not just to exist, but to map out the very best future for the school. Coming to meetings does not oblige you to volunteer for anything; the most important thing that you can give back to the school is your interaction and ideas for the day-to-day needs of the children and the future of the school. It is vital to get more feedback from the school community