At St Thomas More the Australian Curriculum informs staff of the curriculum entitlements of students at each year level and in each of the learning areas.

“The Australian Curriculum sets consistent high standards for what all young Australians should learn as they progress through schooling. It prepares Australia’s next generation for the future and lays the building blocks for generations to come.”

St Thomas More staff work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders, including students and their parents to ensure the needs of each individual are met.

“The Australian Curriculum promotes excellence and equity for all students by providing a challenging curriculum from which rigorous, relevant and engaging learning programs can be developed that address individual learning needs.”


Learning Areas                                 Subjects                                 

Religious Education                           Religious Education

English                                                 English

Mathematics                                       Mathematics

Science                                                 Science

Humanities and Social Sciences        History, Geography, Economics and Business (Yr5-6),

                                                              Civics and Citizenship(Yr3-6).                                                 

The Arts                                                Drama, Dance, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts.

Technologies                                        Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies.

Health and Physical Education           Health, Physical Education.                            

For more information on any of the learning areas, the curriculum can be viewed through the following link: