IMG_7345.jpeg​​At St Thomas More School we seek to educate the whole person. We endeavour to cater for the wide range of needs of the children - religious, moral, social, intellectual, physical, emotional and aesthetic; and in doing so hope to provide a secure learning environment where children have the opportunity to achieve their potential. We promote in a special way the ideals of respect, honesty, tolerance, cooperation, and a genuine concern for the welfare of others.

We acknowledge the important role parents and carers have in student learning. We value building partnerships between the home and school, encouraging open and honest communication to support, develop and sustain positive learning behaviours.

The staff at St Thomas More are committed to providing our students with a curriculum that encompasses the content and skills of the Australian Curriculum. We promote a classroom environment that is both challenging and supportive which develops individuals as independent and collaborative learners.

St Thomas More's learning community is committed to the goals set out in The Alice Springs Declaration. (Australian Federal Government) It emphasises that “improving educational outcomes for all young Australians is central to the nation’s social and economic prosperity and will position young people to live fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.” The Declaration has two distinct but interconnected goals:

  1. The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity
  2. All young Australians become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners and active and informed members of the community

As a learning community, our staff value opportunities for professional and spiritual growth. We seek to be life-long learners. We seek to instil a love of learning in our students. We aim to develop positive attitudes and perceptions about learning within an environment under the umbrella​ of the Catholic Tradition and in the case of St Thomas More Primary, influenced by the Marist Tradition.​

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