Music and Dance

​At St Thomas More, the Arts curriculum areas of Music and Dance are taught each week as a combined lesson (30 minutes for junior grades and 40 minutes for senior grades). In these lessons, the focus is on getting the students actively involved in performing, playing, singing, dancing, reading and writing, as well as response and appreciation of music and dance. We recognise and align with the Australian National Curriculum and attempt to create learning opportunities that are valuable and relevant to all students. Students are assessed in both Music and Dance each semester.

As well as classroom music and dance lessons, the students are offered extra opportunities in the arts such as private lessons (singing/piano/guitar) as well as group lessons for Band (Junior/Senior). Our Choir (Year 3 to Year 6) operates on a weekly basis. The instrumental music band rehearses before school each week and perform in concerts on a regular basis at school events and weekly assemblies.

Every second year, our school presents a school musical production and in the alternative year, we attempt to instigate more community based activities, e.g. entry into competitions or performance at venues such as retirement villages. Masses and liturgies provide another regular opportunities for our students to express themselves.

In all, St Thomas More have an enjoyable and highly regarded music and dance tradition and any child enrolled will gain from the many exciting opportunities offered.