Vision and Mission



We are a faith filled learning community, called to witness the good news of Jesus Christ as we strive to create a better world.


Inspired by our Catholic story, we are an inclusive and welcoming learning community, educating and empowering young people in a spirit of truth and love as confident, active and informed lifelong learners who celebrate and live their faith.


The example of St Thomas More and St Marcellin Champagnat enable the vision, mission and values of our school community.

As people of Compassion, we ensure dig​nity and justice in all relationships and nuture family spirit.

As people of Wisdom, we celebrate a love of work, allowing the spirit to inspire our minds so that we flourish with passion and creativity.

As people of Integrity, we are present to each other and authentic in our words and actions.

As people of Hope, we are inspired by the example of Ma​ry, to celebrate our Catholic story and live our faith through action.

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