Principal's Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to St Thomas More Primary School. Saint Thomas More is a Catholic Primary School and parents, by enrolling children here, are affirming their commitment to Catholic Education, and to the values and belief system that it upholds. The Patron of our school Sir (Saint) Thomas More was a man who valued personal integrity and his faith to the extent that he was prepared to sacrifice his own life rather than betray them. He is a fine role model for all of us here at Saint Thomas More School as we strive to be faithful to the Gospel in our own life situation, and to pass that Faith on to the children entrusted to our care as parents and teachers.

Our school is a work of the Church, and an important part in the life of the Noosa District Catholic Parish. Our Parish Priest, Father Jason Middleton is a regular visitor to the school, and he ensures liturgical and Sacramental celebrations are available for the children. There is a rich prayer life in the school with daily class prayer, assembly prayer, and the fostering of devotion to Mary and the Saints. The school motto - "In Truth and Love" expresses the centrality of Christ to all that we are and do at the school. Jesus proclaimed himself to be the Truth, and He gave us the commandment to Love. Living this motto is to strive to follow Jesus by fulfilling this commandment of love.

At Saint Thomas More School we seek to educate the whole person. We endeavour to cater for the wide range of needs of the children - religious, moral, social, intellectual, physical, emotional and aesthetic; and in doing so hope to provide a secure learning environment where children have the opportunity to achieve their potential. We promote in a special way the ideals of respect, honesty, tolerance, cooperation, and a genuine concern for the welfare of others.

The success of the partnership that exists between the home and the school is dependent on honest and open communication; and on parental involvement in the school in a variety of ways - P&F activities, classroom assistance, tuckshop, working bees etc. We have a proud history of active parental involvement - and it is vital that we all do our part to keep this tradition alive.
Again, a warm welcome to Saint Thomas More School website. May Jesus and Mary bless you and your families and keep you all safe in their loving care.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Carmel Schaumburg