Religious Education

RE2.jpgReligious education seeks to develop the religious literacy of children in light of the Catholic tradition and challenges students to be a religious voice to the world.  The Religious Education Curriculum, developed from the Archdiocese of Brisbane Religious Education Guidelines, involves all the activities and experiences that promote students’ learning and development as a whole person.  These are strongly linked to the school’s religious identity and culture.

Jesus Christ is central to our understanding of Christianity.  St Thomas More, as a Catholic school, is called to be a real and living expression of the Church’s pastoral mission in the world.  Our Religious identity and culture as an authentic Christian community is influenced by the presence of a strong ethos and character based on the values and teachings of St Thomas More and a school charism built upon the life of St Marcellin Champagnat. 

As a Catholic Community, St Thomas More School aims to be a place where we strive to live and act in a spirit of Truth and love.  It is a community of faith that provides opportunities for students to engage with the teaching of Religious Education in an active and authentic way, where students are challenged to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

St Thomas More Religious Education Program ​

STM Religious Education Program 2022 .pdf

Marist Characteristics at St Thomas More.pdfMarist Characteristics at St Thomas More.pdf

Students and Community

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Contemporary Contexts for Religious Education.pdfContemporary Contexts for Religious Education.pdf

Beliefs about Learners and Learning .pdfBeliefs about Learners and Learning .pdf

Curriculum Structure and Organisation

A Catholic View of Learning.pdfA Catholic View of Learning.pdf

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A Reconceptualist Approach to the Religious Education Curriculum .pdfA Reconceptualist Approach to the Religious Education Curriculum .pdf

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High Quality Learning and Teaching

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